3 Days Swim in Five Sacred Waterfalls and Clean Up Your Karma Yoga Retreat in Ubud, Bali

Balinese culture is one of the few that is full of myths and legends that bring us forgotten knowledge. One of these legends inspired us on this journey. According to legend, the water of the island of a thousand gods has a divine origin in the womb of the Mother Earth goddess. Perhaps this is why the Balinese faith has often called the religion of holy water.

Performing the wash rite in 5 waterfalls can eliminate some of your negative karmas and energies that are preventing you from developing. For this reason, the ASTAWA retreat during a day of cascading trips defined an inner intention of deeply cleaning the mind and soul and relieving unwanted habits and complexes. For best results, they recommend that you do a short meditation just before each waterfall.

Of course, it is better to undertake this kind of journey in a state of openness and acceptance so that the island energies clean and nourish you. Imagine underwater how water removes all your fears and blockages and how your soul can see the light in every life situation. Let the island show its magic!

It has been experimentally proven that water, which has long been exposed to various influences such as prayers and the desire for good, changes its crystal structure under the influence of positive vibrations.

People in Bali have always believed that water reflects human conscience. By sending beautiful thoughts and wishes under the stream of a waterfall, you activate the connection to the True Source with positive intentions and emotions, directly influence the biological processes and structures, and healing of the soul and body begins, peace comes, health and happiness fill your Field with subtle energy.

Scientists have proven that vibrations are the basis of everything and that water absorbs information from outside under the influence of external stimulation. The world is shocked by the experience of a Japanese scientist who has proven that water can hear, see, smell and remember everything that has been said about it.

Therefore, water can be one of the most powerful medications. Water is like an artist's canvas that can be painted with positive wishes and thoughts and only depends on the picture that will draw your life.

This three-day adventure to achieve your desires begins with yoga and meditation, where all the fears and tensions leave you and give you the freedom to dream and create a new life. You will go to an adventure meeting where the rough stream of the virgin river crosses the impassable jungle.

You will see the fantastic views hidden in the depth of the island. Mysterious gorges and picturesque waterfalls open up in front of you. There are legends that say if you want something under every waterfall, it will surely come true.

You searched for yourself most of your life, but rarely really. How can you find yourself in the midst of social norms, family roles, family obligations and norms of personal behavior?

The questions people ask

* What solution does the old wisdom of yoga offers?
* How do you find yourself in this diverse world?
* Who are you at the end of your being, under a variety of levels and tags, temporary roles and commitments?
* Where can you find your happiness? How do you understand your goal and find meaning in life?
* How can you achieve harmony with the world, the people around you and yourself?
* What is self-confidence? How can we finally get there? And what to do with consciousness?
* How should you direct your attention and efforts to make life meaningful?

Regardless of your age, the social position you take, whether you are a student, parent, businessman or pensioner. Everyone in the modern world needs refuge from stress, fear, loneliness, emptiness and personal problems. Everyone can enjoy a beautiful sunrise, regardless of age, income, job or anything else. In addition, everyone can practice meditation and get their fruits.

Benefits of practicing meditation

* Increase mental clarity and decision-making capacity
* Reduce stress and bring inner peace and tranquility
* Improve physical and mental health
* Free yourself from fear and fear
* Learn to manage anger and overcome bad habits

The Astawa retreat opens its doors and invites everyone to take inspiration from yoga and to make their life more fulfilling, alive and harmonious. Astawa brings inspiration to change, gives strength and supports your daily motivation. Take a deep breath and start flowering!

About yoga classes:

The style of morning yoga practice on our retreat can be considered classic hatha yoga, which includes SUKSHMA VYAYAMA (warm-up), SURYA NAMASKAR (dynamic warm-up exercise) and static postures (ASANA) with dynamic transitions between them (VINYASA).

Practicing in the evening is YIN yoga (long fixation of stretching positions for relaxation).

Morning meditation practice - Breathing awareness meditation (ANAPANA) is given in a classical approach: all the necessary instructions are given immediately before the practice, then the practitioners sit in silence and meditate according to the instructions.

Evening meditation after the YIN Yoga class - candle meditation (TRATAKA). Using the same classic approach, our instructor will announce the main aspects of this exercise, then continue in silence.

There are many types of meditation, and it may happen that the one you tried previously differs from the one used by ASTAWA Retreat. Their preferred approach does not involve music or voice guidance during meditation, as long as silence can be considered the best substrate for developing concentration and all of its exterior is basically a distraction that participates in your attention and your concentration. ,


Day 1
* 1:00 pm arrival and installation
* 3:00 p.m. Meet at Yoga Shala to learn yoga, meditation and nutrition
* 3:30 p.m. Yin Yoga session, 60 minutes
* 4.30 p.m. Free time for a walk, exploring the center of Ubud and dinner

2nd day
* 07:00 Hatha Yoga session + breathing awareness meditation, 90 minutes
* 8:30 am breakfast
* 9:30 am sacred journey to swim in five waterfalls to cleanse your karma (Tukad –°epung waterfall, Tibuana waterfall, Kanto Lampo waterfall, Goa Reng-Reng, Carang Sari waterfall).
* 6:00 p.m. Free time to explore the city and its surroundings. having dinner
* 19.00-foot massage, 30 minutes. The masseur comes directly to your room, you don't need to go anywhere else.
* 8:30 p.m. Yin Yoga session + candle meditation, 60 minutes

3rd day
* 07:00 Hatha Yoga session + breathing awareness meditation, 90 minutes
* 8:30 am breakfast
* Departure at noon