Best 11 Cheap Hotels Near Sekumpul Falls in Bali

Here are the recommendations of 11 cheap hotels near Sekumpul Waterfalls, Bali, ideal for the night. A place where you are worth considering during your holiday in the Bali Buleleng area. The following types of accommodation are accommodations that offer beautiful and comfortable rooms at affordable prices. Equipped with adequate facilities with good service and friendly staff. It consists of slower or non-star accommodation to upper class and accommodation, which are usually star accommodations with full and luxurious facilities.

Of course, there are still those who do not know the Sekumpul waterfall! If you are one of them, the following information can help you get to know it better on this interesting destination. The He Sekumpul waterfall is one of the interesting attractions in the northern part of Bali. Interesting destinations visited by a variety of local and foreign tourists. Especially during the weekend holidays, visitors will be more than the usual days. And when the school holidays arrive, the hostel will fill up quickly and increase considerably.
The area around the Sekumpul waterfall attraction also has many accommodations at affordable rates. Inexpensive accommodation near the Sekumpul Bali waterfall is accommodation which has fairly complete facilities with satisfactory services and is located in a strategic area. You will have no trouble finding a good place to stay for a low price.
Well, here is our full list of 11 cheap hotels near the Sekumpul waterfalls in Bali. The most recommended accommodation options with a pleasant and comfortable room atmosphere at affordable rates.

1. The Sekumpul Accommodation

The Sekumpul Accommodation
Note: Exceptional 9.4 / 10 based on 138 reviews
Class / form of 1-star hotels
Services: Free Internet
Room rates start from IDR 250,000 / night
The location is 562 m from the Sekumpul waterfall
Address: Jalan Airatuh, Sekumpul, Sawan, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81171
Telephone contact: 0819-3634-7877

The first inexpensive accommodation close to the attractions of Sekumpul Waterfall is Sekumpul Accommodation. One of the best accommodation in a location just 562 m from this attraction. An ideal and comfortable place to spend the night with a supportive atmosphere and make your vacation comfortable and memorable.
Sekumpul Accommodation is one of the recommended accommodations for backpackers at very affordable rates. Besides the very affordable permalam rates, this accommodation also has the facilities and services of this hostel which are also very satisfactory. Among them, free breakfast, free Wi-Fi internet connection, non-smoking rooms, free parking, coffee/tea in the lobby and restaurant.
The rooms available in this budget inn are also quite spacious and comfortable. With strategic access near important and interesting places. Still not good for you? See the next choice!

2. The Kubu Galungan Guesthouse

The Kubu Galungan Guesthouse
Rating: Exceptional 9.1 / 10 According to 21 Reviews
Class / Shape Cheap Guesthouse
Amenities: Free Internet
Room Rates Starting from Rp.270,000, - / night
The location is 1 km from Sekumpul Waterfall
Address: Galungan, Sawan, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81171
Telephone Contact: 0813-3803-6796
The accommodation is located on Jalan Raya Desa - Galungan no 9. The location is very strategic, has easy access and is close to famous waterfalls in the Bali area, namely Sekumpul Waterfall, Lemukih Waterfall, Mengening Waterfall, and Gitgit Waterfall.
A comfortable place to unwind or as a place to stay overnight after enjoying various interesting destinations in the northern part of Bali. Suitable for a vacation alone or with a beloved family. What's more, the rooms are quite nice, comfortable, and clean.
The facilities available are also quite complete for this class of accommodation. Likewise, the service of the staff is also very satisfying. They serve wholeheartedly with good, friendly, and friendly service.

3. Mandhasativa Homestay

Mandha Sativa Homestay
Rating: Excellent 8.9 / 10 based on 5 reviews
Cheap homestay class / form
Services: Free Internet
Room prices from Rp. 220,500, - / night
Location is 2.9 km from Sekumpul Waterfall
Address: Sudaji, Sawan, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81171
Telephone contact: 0877-6579-6999
One of the best choices near attractive, pleasant and comfortable destinations at affordable rates. Its strategic location is easy to access and is quite close to interesting attractions, such as waterfalls, natural attractions and restaurants or eateries. Including a homestay with a 1-star hotel class that has the best facilities.
This accommodation, which offers the best accommodation at an affordable cost, is located on Jalan Raya Keloncing. An area renowned for its attractive destinations and included in the perimeter of the Buleleng district.
For the facilities available and the staff, the service is also very satisfactory. There is an outdoor swimming pool equipped with a slide. There is also a terrace to relax with a comfortable and calm atmosphere. To help and facilitate guests to explore interesting destinations in the surrounding area, you can use the tourist services prepared by the hotel management.

4. Esa di Kubu Homestay

 Esa Di Kubu Homestay
Note: Exceptional 9.4 / 10 based on 51 reviews
Cheap homestay class / form
Services: Free Internet
Room prices from Rp. 225,000, - / night
Location is 3.4 km from Sekumpul Waterfall
Address: Sudaji, Sawan, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81171
Telephone contact: 0877-6579-6999
Esa di Kubu is a cheap host family that provides B&B services. Famous for having good and comfortable accommodation at affordable rates. Suitable for holidays alone or with beloved pairs. The atmosphere is around and supported by the natural beauty that surrounds it will maximize the vacation together.
This property also has easy and strategic access. The location is close to interesting places which are visited by tourists from various places. The full location is located in Kelod Kangin, Sudaji village - Singaraja, Sawan Buleleng, Bali.
An accommodation that includes a cheap host family with a price of only 200,000 night, it offers a variety of facilities and the best service. Among them, there is good food and drinks available for breakfast in the morning. A place to relax with a nice and fresh atmosphere, namely the park and various other outdoor activities. For the convenience of guests, especially those from outside the island, airport shuttle services are also available.

5. Sudaji Guest House

Sudaji Guest House
Rating: Exceptional 9.4 / 10 According to 51 Reviews
Cheap Homestay Class / Shape
Amenities: Free Internet
Room Rates Starting from Rp. 372,240 / night
The location is 3.1 km from Sekumpul Waterfall
Address: Jln. Sanda No. 1, Sudaji Village Bali, Sawan, Buleleng, Bali, Indonesia, 81171
Telephone Contact: 0877-6579-6999
Sudaji Guest House is one of the cheap guesthouses in the Sawan area which is conveniently located and quite close to Sekumpul Waterfall. Providing nice and comfortable rooms with good, friendly and friendly staff.
This accommodation is one of the perfect accommodation for travelers who only prioritize location and service. Because its facilities are still quite standard. However, it remains a recommended place, especially when on vacation alone.
Have a room with a standard type and double room. Each room measuring 18 m² is equipped with a balcony/terrace with a beautiful view of the city of Buleleng. Especially for those who don't smoke or are allergic to just the smoke, there is also a smoke-free area. For cleanliness and comfort are also available bathrooms equipped with showers and toiletries. In order to keep getting various interesting and accurate information, there is also cable TV with the best channels.
To maintain the comfort of the guests, this guest house also provides mosquito net, water, mini-bar, refrigerator, tea/coffee maker, table, separate dining room, and safe.

6. Lotus Guesthouse Sudaji

Lotus Guesthouse Sudaji
Note: Exceptional 9.2 / 10 based on 33 reviews
Cheap homestay class / form
Services: Free Internet
Room rates from Rp. 426,666, - / night
Location is 3.7km from Sekumpul Waterfall
Address: Jln. Raya Keloncing, Sawan, Buleleng, Bali, Indonesia, 81171
Telephone contact: 0819-3659-6660
When you want to move around and explore the Buleleng area with close and easy access to interesting destinations, then Lotus Guesthouse can be the ideal choice. Precisely also famous for being comfortable and pleasant with a kind and friendly owner.
Lotus Guesthouse which is located on Jalan Keloncing Singaraja is in a very strategic area. The location is just 3.7 km from the Sekumpul Waterfall attraction. De Gitgit Waterfall and Aling Aling Waterfall are also easily accessible and fairly close. Around the hostel, you will also find Lotus restaurants within 100 meters. There is also a traditional Sudaji market within 200 m. And the Sudaji river which has interesting views.
This accommodation offers clean and comfortable rooms with a terrace/balcony, a private bathroom and a free breakfast with a continental and Asian menu. There are also exciting fishing facilities while enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds it. When you need something or need help, you can contact a friendly and professional receptionist.

7. Jero Sudaji Homestay

Jero Sudaji Homestay
Class / Shape Cheap Guesthouse
Amenities: Free Internet
Room Rates Starting from Rp.624,000, - / night
The location is 3.8 km from Sekumpul Waterfall
Address: Sudaji, Sawan, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81171
Telephone Contact: 0877-6296-8692
Nice and comfortable accommodation with easy and smooth access. Providing the best service from a good and friendly hotel manager. For convenience in booking a room available online booking service or directly pay at the hotel.
When staying here you can relax on the terrace with a nice view. The family room can also be a comfortable place to plan your next agenda while on vacation. For those who bring private vehicles, there is also a free parking area available.

8. Om Unity Bali

Om Unity Bali
Mark: Excellent 8.5 / 10 Based on 214 reviews
1-star hotel class/form
Services: Free Internet
Room prices from Rp.567,000, - / night
Location is 3.8 km from Sekumpul Waterfall
Address: Hameau de Banjar, Sudaji village, Sawan Buleleng district, Bali, Indonesia, 81171
Telephone contact: 0812-3817-719
Accommodation with a 1 star class in the complete and strategic area of ​​Buleleng. Located in Banjar Dukuh, Sudaji Village, access is easy to reach affordable rates. Located precisely on the outskirts of the town of Singaraja with a pleasant and attractive view.
Have a choice of pleasant and comfortable rooms equipped with bathrooms and amenities. There is a balcony/terrace where you can relax in a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Room service is also the friendly and professional staff.
This villa-like accommodation offers clean and fresh outdoor pool services and facilities. A garden is a place of relaxation with a fairly favorable view. Special room for smoking without disturbing other customers. Tour, laundry, car rental, room service, and massage services.

9. Ananda’s Homestay

Ananda Homestay
Rating: Exceptional 9.1 / 10 According to 101 reviews
Cheap Homestay Class / Shape
Amenities: Free Internet
Room Rates start from Rp.229,412, - / night
The location is 4.1 km from Sekumpul Waterfall
Address: Banjar Dinas Desa, Lemukih Village, Sawan, Buleleng, Bali, Indonesia, 81171
Telephone Contact: 0877-5034-0593
Homestay with a tariff of 200 thousand, located in the village Lemukih. It has the best facilities that will provide comfort to the visitors. The inn manager also provides a satisfying service.
As a cheap accommodation, this accommodation still prioritizes comfort for visitors who spend the night. Especially the facilities and services are satisfying. This homestay provides all the best, both public facilities and others.
Among them are available public facilities, such as a cafe to hang out and relax, 24-hour room service with satisfying service, free internet access via WiFi, a garden with a good view and fresh air, an outdoor swimming pool, airport shuttle service, and tour services.

10. D,daun Homestay & Hostel

Inexpensive youth hostel form
Services: Free Internet
Room rates start from Rp.143,450, - / night
Location is 5.3 km from Sekumpul Waterfall
Address: Jln. Raya Bedugul - Singaraja, the village of Gitgit, Kec. Sukasada, Buleleng, Bali, Indonesia, 81161

One of the cheapest accommodations on this list. With a budget from 100,000 permalam, you can already take advantage of all the facilities available. Access is smooth and easy with a distance that is not too far from the attractive destinations of the Buleleng region.

This youth hostel in the form of a cheap hostel is a 1-star hotel. Due to its location, it is also one of the closest accommodations to Gitgit waterfall, just 342 m. At 2.13 km from this inn, you can also visit the village of Ambengan, which is one of the places of historical interest.
For an inn, the facilities available are quite complete. There are facilities and services for relaxing in the garden and outside. Sports facilities, there are mountain biking and water sports activities. There are also free internet facilities via WiFi, car rental, free parking, and free breakfast.
This accommodation also provides the best satisfactory services including airport shuttle service, ferry terminal transportation service, 24-hour security service, reception, multilingual services for staff, porters and services Tour.

11. Spice Paradise Hotel & Restaurant

cheap hotels near Sekumpul Falls in Bali

Class / Shape of 1-Star HotelsAmenities: Free Internet
Room Rates start from Rp.304,500 / night
The location is 5.4 km from Sekumpul Waterfall
Address: Jln. Raya Gitgit, Gitgit, Kec. Sukasada, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81161
Telephone number: 0819-0708-9995

Spice Paradise is an inn that can be the right choice when vacationing on the island of the Gods. Its strategic location close to Sekumpul Waterfalls and the best tourist attractions in the Buleleng area are very fitting to be chosen. Not to mention the rates are quite affordable with the best facilities.

This accommodation provides satisfying facilities and services. Among them are free parking area, cafe, restaurant, room service, WiFi in the area, air conditioning, non-smoking area, smoking area, terrace, breakfast and lunch, airport transfer, car rental, laundry, garden, and massage services.

That's the list of cheap hotels near the waterfalls of Sekumpul Bali which is nice and comfortable. Hopefully, there are 11 lodgings near Sekumpul Waterfall above that are suitable for you to make your choice to stay while on vacation to the island resort of Bali. Thank you and happy holidays!