Let's Do It Weld Around The Car

Thilo Mischke mengelas di bawah mobilnya;

Car repairs don't have to be like a goiter. It costs a lot of money and then you have nothing in your hands. It is therefore better to do it yourself: for example welding. Thilo Mischke dared to do it

Our car is like our body. One day we feel that something is different than it should be. Feels different, may appear different. Most of the time we do first: nothing. The knee hurts. No problem, the body is still spinning. It vibrates silently. No problem, the car is still driving.
We fear the consequences, the harshness of the diagnosis and the worst case. So we put things to the test. Only active when it's really bad, when it's almost too late. We can also solve our own problems. We often don't dare.

I know that. If it vibrates in the car, I wait for the next TÜV meeting. The examiner then shook his head, released me and said there was a lot to fix. "If I've ever done anything," I think when I'm driving a messy car - actually a piece of jewelry, an Audi 80 from 1976 - in an expensive workshop.
Nikolas Chojnacki di mobilnya yang dilas;
Everything comes back - well done!
Should it? Can't I do it alone? Why are there YouTube tutorials, internet forums and self-help workshops? This little adjustment should be worth it. Otherwise for welding. I like that: fire, sparks, dancing with elements - for me it's like rocket science.
Nikolas Chojnaki, automotive mechatronics engineer
"Don't worry, there is nothing to worry about," said Nikolas Chojnacki, a car mechatronic engineer who confidently helped me in the DIY workshop. Confidence can be a little overwhelming at first. I still don't believe anything. If I put the piston in the car, the car will definitely burn. "It's absurd, everyone can weld," said Nikolas. You just have to follow a few rules. So let's go.

Step 1
I remove the battery. "The gases that escape here cannot burn during welding," said Nikolas. However, you do not have to weld directly on the body, the affected part can also be removed before the actual work.

Nikolas Chojnacki memutus aki mobil;
First remove the battery
Nikolas Chojnacki memecahkan masalah mobilnya;
About solving problems
Level 2
What do I really need to fix? I'm looking for errors. The broken plates depend on the parts leaving the machine. That's how I say it. Professionals say: The collector's cuff is broken. My luck: If you only want to repair your car, you don't have to know the technical requirements.

A lot of rust, a lot of dirt - no view without light
Manset berlipat di mobil Nikolas Chojnacki;
"Child's problem": cuff collector

level 3
I cleaned the room with a wire brush. The silvery metal appears under the red-brown mass. I was happy and then put on safety clothes. Wherever welding occurs, sparks fly and burn clothing or skin. Fireproof clothing such as a welding mask is mandatory.

Nikolas Chojnacki membersihkan lasan dengan sikat kawat;
The solder is cleaned with a wire brush
Thilo Mischke mengelas di bawah mobilnya dan sebentar mengangkat pelindung wajahnya;
Switch on the welding goggles - let's go

Step 4
Finally it started. I put a splint on the body. At the end of the welder is a thin wire that should use pliers to close the circuit. So start. But how? I looked hesitantly at Nikolas. "Collect points," he said. If you are working on objects, you should not weld the joints as they tear faster due to the stress. I can feel the circuit closing. Sparks flew like in Rammstein's video. Shivering, a tremor entered my body. The voice startled me, I forgive, melting hot red metal. "Closer," said Nikolas. I had to concentrate, I could hardly see anything through my glasses. But more routine from time to time. Practice helps here too. "It looks very unfortunate," said Nikolas with a smile. "But do not worry

Thilo Mischke mencoba mengelas;
Thilo tries to weld ...
Thilo Mischke mengelas pada mobil;
... and it's even so much fun!

Step 5

Now welding seams only need to be polished with a grinder and smoothed. "It doesn't have to be," Nikolai explained, "but then it looks better." I think so too. And so obscured the trail of many of my failed attempts. Only when I returned to the car, swimming in urban traffic, now without the annoying jingling sounds, I thought: The best thing about welding yourself is connecting it. Not just metal by metal. But now I am also in my car.
Nikolas Chojnacki membersihkan lasan dan merusak tempat;
Now clean and deburr welding
Hasil Nikolas Chojnacki saat mengelas pada mobil;
The results look good