Gitgit Buleleng Bali Waterfall - Location Map & Entrance Fee

Do you often vacation to the island of Bali and you are tired of holidays visiting beach tourism in Bali? If so, you should go on holiday to the tourist attractions of northern Bali and central Bali. One of the natural attractions besides the beach in northern Bali which is very popular is the Gitgit Buleleng Bali waterfall.
If you are interested in a vacation to the Gitgit waterfall attraction, please continue reading this page! Because you will find detailed information about Gitgit waterfall tourist attractions in Bali, such as;

Location of the Gitgit waterfall attraction.

Entrance fee for tourist attractions.
The main attraction of Gitgit waterfall Bali tourist attractions.

Bali Tourism Region Favorite Domestic Tourists

I'm sure there are some of you, why are the tourist attractions in southern Bali favored by Indonesian tourists as a vacation spot? Most domestic tourists while on holiday in Bali will choose attractions in southern Bali to visit. This is due to the attractions in the southern part of Bali, which already has complete facilities and infrastructure to become tourist attractions such as;

Strategic location because it is close to the location of Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport.

In the southern Bali tourism area, there are many choices of hotels and restaurants.

As well as the southern Bali tourism area is the best place if tourists want a vacation to the white sand beach in Bali.

Nature Tourism Activities

Currently, there is a trend among domestic tourists who often vacation in Bali, to carry out tourist activities that are adventurous to nature. Bali Island provides nature tourism activities that are professionally managed so that it attracts domestic tourists to try.

Nature tourism activities that are currently trending in Bali such as Bali rafting tours, trekking, cycling tours, and submarine tours. If rafting activities and cycling tours, of course, you already know, what about trekking activities? The best places for trekking in Bali are three, namely:

Ubud tourist attractions. Trekking activities in the rice fields with views of the terraced rice fields.

Kintamani tourist attractions. Trekking activities to climb Mount Batur.

Buleleng Regency, the only trekking spot in Bali with views of the waterfall.

Which of the three trekking sites above are you interested in? I'm sure you answered the trekking spots in Bali with views of the waterfall. One of the trekking locations on the island of Bali that is safe for beginners with a view of the waterfall is the Gitgit waterfall tourist spot. Then where is the location of Gitgit Waterfall Bali?

Location of Bali Buleleng Gitgit Waterfall

Most of the waterfall locations in Bali are in the northern Bali area. Precisely in the Regency of Buleleng, and one of them is the Gitgit Buleleng waterfall in Bali. The location of the Bali Bulit Gitgit waterfall is in the village of Gunung Luwih, North Bali Gitgit precisely in the Regency of Buleleng.
If you depart from the tourist area of ​​Kuta Bali, it will cover a distance of approximately 80 kilometers. With a travel time of about 2 hours 30 minutes. To make it easier to find the location of the Bali Buleleng Gitgit waterfall,

The Best Way to Gitgit Waterfall

The location of the Gitgit Buleleng Bali waterfall is easier to reach, compared to the location of other waterfalls in Buleleng. As tourist attractions Sekumpul waterfalls or Munduk waterfalls.
Ease to find the location of the Gitgit waterfall because the location of the Gitgit waterfall is not too far from the highway that connects Denpasar, Bedugul with the city of Singaraja (the capital city of Buleleng Regency).

Travel Destinations

On the way to get to the Gitgit waterfall from the tourist area of ​​southern Bali, you will cross past the Bedugul tourist area. Interesting attractions in Bali Bedugul that you can visit such as;
Beratan Bedugul lake attractions.
Bali Botanic Garden, large trees and shade with cool air.
Pura Ulun Danu Bedugul, located on the edge of Lake Beratan Bedugul.

Passing through the Hill Road

The road to the location of Gitgit waterfall is already with asphalt hot mix. However, because the location of the waterfall is in the mountainous area, then the road will be a lot of climbs and winding derivatives. Sometimes the road will be shrouded in mist which makes visibility short.

The best way to get to the location of the Bulit Gitgit waterfall in Bali is to use a car + driver rental service in Bali to make your trip easier. If you want a vacation to the tourist attractions of the waterfalls in Bali, but want the location of the waterfall adjacent to Sanur tourist attractions or tourist attractions in Ubud Bali. So I recommend you visit Tegenungan Gianyar waterfall.

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Price of Entrance Ticket to Buleleng Gitgit Waterfall

After you arrive at the Gitgit Buleleng waterfall tourist attraction parking area, to get to the ticket counter at the Gitgit waterfall you have to walk about 50 meters. In addition, you will pass stairs with a paving stone floor and there is an iron barrier along the path.

During the trip on foot to the ticket booth at Gitgit waterfall, you will see views of rice fields with a rural atmosphere, as well as past several clove gardens and coffee plantations.

Then what is the price of admission Gitgit Waterfall Buleleng Bali? Every visitor who will enter the tourist area of ​​Buleleng Gitgit Waterfall will be charged an entrance ticket. Here is a table of admission prices for Gigit Waterfall.

Entrance Ticket Fare Category

Adult Rp. 20,000 / person.
Children Rp. 10,000 / person.
Car park Rp 5,000 / car.
The Main Attraction of Buleleng Gitgit Waterfall

Gitgit Waterfall Bali

The swift flow of water and the fresh air at Gitgit Buleleng waterfall can already be felt if you are already at the ticket window. But you still have to walk to reach the location of Gitgit Waterfall, Buleleng.

During the trip to the location of the Gitgit waterfall, you will pass a slightly winding footpath and pass several stalls selling traditional Balinese souvenirs, as well as stalls that provide food and drinks.

Feeling tired after walking will pay off after you see the waterfall that falls from the top of the cliff with a height of about 48 meters. Gitgit Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Bali. The flow of the Gitgit waterfall is very clear and still natural, very suitable if you wish to take a shower.

Traveling to Gitgit Buleleng waterfall does not only see one waterfall. But there are four other waterfalls with locations close together. Below is a list of waterfalls adjacent to other Gitgit waterfalls.

List of Bali Buleleng Gitgit Waterfalls

If you only want to visit the Gitgit waterfall, guide services are not really needed. If you want to visit 4 waterfalls at once, then you should use the services of local guides that are widely available on site, to facilitate travel.

1. Air Terjun Kembar / Campuhan/Twin Falls

Called the name twin waterfalls, because there are two waterfalls that flow into one water flow. Campuhan is Balinese which means mixed water.
Gitgit Buleleng Bali Waterfall - Location Map & Entrance Fee

The atmosphere in the Campuhan waterfall is a little dark because it is flanked by 2 cliffs and there are many lush trees. Under the waterfall, there is a pool of water that is very clear and cool.

2. Terraced waterfalls

From the name you can already imagine that this level of plunge waterfall. There are three levels of high waterfalls that are quite high levels and there is a water level barrier at each level.

3. Colek Pamor Waterfall

For the location of the Colek Pamor waterfall, it is in the middle of a forest and is very natural. Usually, Colek Pamor waterfall is used for the purpose of trekking activities. Because to reach the location must pass through a dirt road and sometimes muddy, and there are no directions to find the location of Colek Pamor waterfall.

North Bali Tourism Object

Gitgit Buleleng waterfall, located in the tourist area in northern Bali. Because the location of the northern Bali tourist attractions is quite far from the famous tourist objects in Bali, most of which are located in southern Bali.

Then Indonesian tourists who want to take a vacation to the tourism object of the Built Gitgit waterfall, will also visit other tourist attractions in northern Bali. The goal is so that vacation time to Bali, not much used up in the vehicle.