The Fiji waterfall or the triple waterfall in the village Lemukih Buleleng offers a beautiful and attractive natural backdrop and completes the list of the leading tourist attractions in the tourist area of ​​North Bali. If you really want to enjoy the beautiful landscape in the form of a waterfall, then it is highly recommended to organize your tour trips to the tourist areas of North Bali or the Buleleng Regency. Because this area is in fact the center of a waterfall tourist resort on the island of Bali.

At the beginning of the development of tourism in the North Bali region, the Gitgit waterfall was the most popular in the region because the place is easy to spot and reach as it is located on the main Denpasar - Singaraja road. But over time, many waterfall attractions have emerged and have become new travel destinations and tour destinations in the Buleleng region, as has the Fiji waterfalls in the village of Lemukih, which offers beautiful and distinctive nature.

The attraction of the Lemukih Fiji waterfall offers you a different and particularly beautiful natural landscape with a more amazing natural feeling. If you like beauty with a range of challenges and adventures, the recommendation is to visit the tourist attractions of Fiji or Triple Waterfalls. Traveling to enjoy nature in Lemukih is more than an adventure trek to enjoy the beauty of nature along the way before heading to the main destination.

This Fiji Waterfall is located in Banjar Nyuh, Lemukih Village, Sawan District, Buleleng Regency. The distance from the city of Denpasar is about 75 km towards Bedugul - Singaraja. About 3 km after the forest of Puncak Wanagiri (in front of the Gitgit waterfall) there is a T-junction on the right with the path to the Lemukih waterfall. Follow the road country roads are quite small and there are many curves. Later there are instructions that will take you to the Lemukih village and waterfall.

Access to Fiji Lemukih Waterfall, Buleleng

Lemukih Village indeed presents a beautiful natural beauty, the attraction of the Fiji waterfall is not only served by the water but also natural treats along the way will accompany you so that it will not feel boring, beautiful panoramic rice terraces like rice terrace in Tegalalang you can enjoy along the path to the Fiji waterfall. Keep in mind, access to get to the location of the Fiji waterfall in the village of Lemukih, you have to take a 1.5 km walk that consists of footpaths and steep stairs.

The walk is long enough to enjoy this beauty, but this is where the real uniqueness of enjoying the beauty of the Fijian waterfall in the Lemukih village area, starting with a light trek, the trekking trip offers views of rice fields with a backdrop of enchanting green hills to the attraction alone.

After the rice field view, you pass the chocolate and coffee plantations, all the way to the Lemukih Fiji waterfall, it is quite shady with its cool nature. If you do not want to bother, from the car park, then you can rent an ojek at a cost of Rp. 20,000 / person / trip to motorcycle parking.

Until the walk in the motorcycle parking lot and the motorcycle taxi booths of the local residents, from here the natural adventure continues again to start the journey down the stairs through the resident's estate so that it arrives at the ticket window to the Fiji waterfall.

You can relax for a while here while enjoying the beautiful cliffs. From the top of this cliff, before continuing the journey down the stairs to the Fiji waterfall, you can watch the other green cliffs on the opposite side which are also decorated with a beautiful waterfall, you want to take a selfie first then don't miss the moment.

Even near the ticket counter of the Fiji waterfall, there is a natural spring that is very clear and can also be used for bathing, which turned out to be one of the upstream waterfalls of Sekumpul waterfalls which is famous and popular today. The counter guard also explained that the Sekumpul waterfall was actually called the Grombong waterfall located in the village of Lemukih.

But because access to the place was first known from the Sekumpul village, now the waterfall is more popular with the name Sekumpul waterfall. Also, be aware, access to Fiji Lemukih and Sekumpul waterfalls can be accessed from this place. Fiji and Sekumpul waterfalls are in one area, so once you trekking to this place, then you can also enjoy the beautiful nature of Sekumpul waterfalls.

The next trip is to climb the steps up to hundreds, this is the real challenge, the waterfall at the bottom of the valley can only be accessed through the stairs, the steps are steep and some even up to 75 ° can be imagined how steep. The trip to the Lemukih Fiji waterfall will be an exciting and challenging adventure tour to be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful waterfalls in North Bali.

Even though the permanent concrete stairs leading to the Fiji waterfall already have a safety railing, caution and stamina need to be fit to visit here, young children who are not yet strong in holding and walking alone are not recommended to visit here, although you can arrive under the waterfall, think also of going back.

After arriving at the bottom, this place offers two different options, if the one goes to the Grombong waterfall (Sekumpul waterfall) while the one to the left leads to the Fiji waterfall. There are instructions leading to the waterfall, so there is no need to be confused. There is also a food and drink shop here, so there is no need to worry about thirst or hunger after a long and challenging journey.

Those who visit the tourist attraction of Fiji Lemukih waterfall, are those who love nature adventure tours, trekking enjoying a beautiful and challenging journey and finally paid off after enjoying two different waterfalls in just one trip.

The attraction of the Fiji Falls in the village of Lemukih Buleleng

In the Lemukih village area itself, there are 7 waterfalls, consisting of 3 waterfalls that lie side by side and are called Fiji Waterfall. Two other waterfalls are referred to as the Grombong Waterfall, and two other waterfalls are arranged separately and the name is not specified.

Everything you can enjoy on a trip to the attractions of Fiji Waterfalls is amazing, isn't it? Those of you who like selfie photo tours will not go out from this place, which offers many beautiful places, presents spectacular beauty and is worth capturing.

After trying to cover long distances, it feels worthwhile, according to the offer of the Fiji waterfall, to drive along the provided river banks and wooden bridges, to flow the river and even take a shower to enjoy the fresh mountain water.

On the way to the main waterfall, you will also find two separate waterfalls that are no less beautiful. It is therefore not surprising that tourists go out of their way to enjoy the beautiful nature of the Fiji waterfall. Not surprisingly, the Fiji waterfall tourist attraction is now a mandatory travel destination in North Bali.

This time trekking in the village of Lemukih with a collection of fascinating waterfalls. It is worth becoming immortal and a moment of joy when you are in Bali. Until the time comes, 3 waterfalls with a height of approx. 40 meters look spectacular and welcome your arrival.

The high cliffs around the Lemukih waterfall are green with shrubs and tropical trees. The water vapor that greets your body and face feels fresh and clean, and with different levels of water output, you can choose to take a bath to feel the fresh mountain water.

This series of 3 Fiji waterfalls is also known as the Triple Waterfall because it is located in the village of Lemukih, where it is also known as the Lemukih Waterfall. A place has many names, including the Sekumpul waterfall next to it, from the Lemukih residents they prefer to call it the Grombong waterfall, so you no longer have to be confused. You can access all of the waterfalls from either the village or village of Lemukih Sekumpul.

If you are arriving from Lemukih village, you only have to pay a fee. If you are arriving from Sekumpul village to enter Fiji Waterfall, you will need to pay the double-entry ticket. On the one hand for Sekumpul (Grombong) and on the other hand for the entry into the Fiji waterfall close together. The entry price is 10,000 IDR / person for domestic tourists and 15,000 IDR / foreigner. If you need the services of a guide or a guide to these locations, these will also be provided.

To get to the Fiji waterfall tourist attraction are on offer 6 pieces of separate parking on the way, parking lot 1 located at the top, while parking lot 6 is on the ground is next to the waterfall if you plan to walk and not a motorcycle taxi - Wear service, try, you can park the floor so you don't have to walk too far.