Shownplate | Talang Kemulun Waterfall is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions that you can visit while entertaining to Jambi Province, Indonesia. Located in Talang Kemulun Village, Lake Kerinci District, Kerinci Regency, Jambi Province, Indonesia, this twelve-story waterfall has a beautiful panorama.

To visit Talang Kemulun Waterfall, it takes about 1 hour by road using four-wheeled vehicles. Upon your arrival in Talang Kemulun Village, the journey continues with trekking, through the forest and lush plantations. In this tiring journey, you will be accompanied by nature that is still beautiful, calm and cool so that your trip will feel light.
After tired of trekking for 1 hour, through forests and lush plantations and along the river with rocky paths, you will finally be greeted with the splendor of the Talang Kemulun waterfall in the Kerinci Plateau with 12 amazing steps of the soul.

Talang Kemulun Waterfall has water that is quite swift, clear and also cold. This water that emanated freely descended freely from the height and fell into the 12 stone steps adorned with greenery. The sound of water roaring loudly with the panorama of nature that is still beautiful and natural will make you comfortable and calm in one of the hidden paradises in Kerinci.
Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of the Talang Kemulun waterfall, you can feel the freshness of the waterfall by bathing in a shallow pool under the waterfall or taking selfies with the background of the Talang Kemulun waterfall,

Another uniqueness found in Talang Kemulun Waterfall is a favorite place for agate lovers because around the river flow, you can find many types of agate scattered.

While for you nature lovers, you can set up a tent to spend the night and relax enjoy the beautiful night atmosphere until the arrival of the sun rises on the eastern horizon. But if you want to spend the night, don't forget to prepare yourself as fully as possible especially to bring clothes that are a little thick because the air around the Talang Kemulun waterfall becomes very cold at night.