Butterfly Valve - Type, and explanation

We have discussed several types of valves before, namely: Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Ball Valve, and Check Valve, this time we will discuss one type of valve whose name is familiar among project workers, namely Butterfly Valve.

What is Butterfly Valve?

Butterfly Valve is one type of versatile valve because it can be applied to piping systems anywhere, in industry, shipbuilding, platforms, in housing and others.

In addition, Butterfly Valve can be installed in various media installations through it for example by liquids, gases, mud with various levels of pressure and temperature.

At first, the butterfly valve was widely used in installations at low pressure, but with the development of technology, especially in the field of elastomeric science, this type of valve can now be applied in high-pressure installations.

( Bagian-bagian Butterfly Valve / gbr oleh djvalves.com )

To open and close fully, this type of valve only requires 90deg rotation or a quarter-turn of the lever, so that this type of valve can be operated quickly. However, this valve is not able to be set for a certain flow size. This valve is commonly referred to as the Quarter Turn Valve.

With the channel cover material, a precision valve disc is driven by an actuator shaft connected to the handle on the outside of the valve.

From the actuator that moves or rotates the disk can be applied with a manual lever, hydraulic or electric motor. Of course, with the addition of several auxiliary equipments such as control valves for hydraulics and gearboxes that reduce motor rotation for electric motor actuator types. As shown in the picture below.

( pneumatic wafer style butterfly valve / gbr dari samsoncontrols.com )

In an open or closed disk at 0deg position, aerodynamic flow arises due to the disk. Although the loss of head is slightly higher than the type of Ball Valve or Gate Valve, which is actually Ball Valve and Gate Valve really works free of obstacles when the valve is fully open, but the loss is lower than that of the Globe Valve.

Various types of butterfly valves can be used for a variety of flow media, liquids, and gases as well as rather dense materials such as mud, bulbs, etc.

The pressure and temperature of the material through this valve clearly affect the material of its manufacture, so it becomes an important consideration in the design.

(Berbagai tipe dan jenis Butterfly Valve)


  • Concentric Butterfly Valve has a strong seat with a metal disk.
  • Doubly-eccentric Butterfly Valve, from a variety of materials used for seats and disks.
  • Trply-eccentric Butterfly Valve, made of hard metal/steel.
The eccentric type is often used in applications that require bi-directional such as oil and gas cover, LNG / NPG, in chemical factories and shipbuilding.

Wafer-style Butterfly Valve, designed to maintain a seal against bi-directional pressure differences to prevent backflow in any system that is intentionally designed for direct flow.

Lug-style Butterfly Valve, with threads on both sides of the valve that allow it to be installed in the system by threading or not requiring nut bolts on the flange. (Source: abi blog.com)

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