Lumajang KAPAS BIRU Waterfall Painting of Nature Shown by God

Lumajang is a land of clouds. You can get to the top of the B29, which offers beautiful clouds like the sea between the mountains. Return to the Kapas Biru waterfall. Lumajang Tourism is a fragment of "paradise" on earth, so big with high cliffs.

1. The origin of the name Kapas Biru
Kapas Biru is a blessing from God for happy people. Her beauty is truly captivating and her eyes clear. The mind becomes cooler so that it can be considered natural entertainment. This waterfall has a flow of heavy white and bluish hues when viewed from the side. That's why it's called Kapas Biru.

2. Follow the lonely path
Getting to Kapas Biru waterfall is not easy. You can use a vehicle and drive to Lumajang Regency in East Java. If you are leaving from Malang, the location is near Jalan Raya Dampit-Lumajang. About 3 kilometers from the Tumpak Sewu Waterfall. From the parking lot, you still have to walk on difficult paths surrounded by trees. The atmosphere was so calm that the leaves whispered in the wind.

3. Qualified installations, but does not reduce the beauty
Kapas Biru has recently grown thanks to social media like Instagram. The atmosphere of nature and the fast river make many nature lovers fall in love and drive to Lumajang to see it directly. The high waterfall reaches 20 meters with beautiful colorful cliffs. The facilities are still limited and are managed by the local community. There are parking lots, rest huts, food and drink stand.

4. The neighbors of Kapas Biru
When you visit the Kapas Biru waterfall, you also visit other tourist objects that are no less fascinating. There is the rainbow mist waterfall, Goa Tetes, or the famous Niagara Mini Tumpak Sewu. Prepare yourself physically and sufficiently for your trip to be safe and comfortable.

Here are some reviews of the Kapas Biru waterfall Bali with incredible beauty. Have you ever been here? Tell us about your experience in the comments column.