Juwuk Manis Jembrana Waterfall, Beauty Mini Waterfall Charming

Air Terjun Juwuk Manis JembranaThe Juwuk Manis Jembrana waterfall becomes a natural tourist attraction which is a shame to miss when visiting Jembrana, Bali. Here you can witness the existence of a unique waterfall not too big. There are two small waterfalls side by side. The existence of a pond at the bottom further enhances the view here.
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Juwuk Manis Jembrana Waterfall is still fairly natural. The path to get there, quite difficult. For those who like adventurous activities, definitely love the track to the location of this tour. But for those who are not accustomed to walking long distances and passing difficult tracks, it is better before leaving must prepare energy and strong physical.
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Around the location of the waterfall there is a sacred temple, so visitors who come must maintain ethics and courtesy. Even women who are menstruating, are not allowed to enter this area to maintain the sanctity of tourist sites.

Juwuk Manis Jembrana Waterfall Tourism is still fairly quiet because its existence is not too well known among tourists. For this reason, the location of this tourist attraction is very suitable as a place to relieve fatigue and stress from the hustle and bustle of city life. Especially if you spend time soaking in a small pool in this waterfall.
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Although it has a height that is not too high, which is only about 6 meters, the splashing of water from above is enough to make the body cool exposed to splashing water. There are two waterfall streams located side by side so that they add to the beauty of the waterfalls.
In the case of drought, the flow of the waterfall is not so heavy that it is still very safe if it is used for bathing or swimming. During the rainy season, the water flow becomes fast, so be careful when swimming or playing in the water pool below.
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Since this tour is still new and not yet known to many tourists, there are no tourism support facilities that could reach their full potential. It is, therefore, best to bring your own food or drink from home, taking care to keep nature clean and tidy.

Location of the Juwuk Manis Jembrana waterfall

The Juwuk Manis waterfall is located in the hamlet of Juwuk Manis, which belongs to the administrative area of ​​the village of Manggis Sari in the Pekutatan district of the regency of Jembrana.

Directions to Jembrana Juwuk Manis waterfall

Taken from Denpasar in approximately 75 km or 2.5 hours by road. No entry ticket is required to enter the view of the waterfall, just a sincere gift.

Access to the tourist resort of Juwuk Manis waterfall is quite difficult. The road has the shape of slopes and curves because it is located in a hilly area. When you arrive in the village of Juwuk Manis, you can park your vehicles in the local village. Then you have to walk about 1 km before arriving at the waterfall.

On a walking tour, you have a wonderful view of the coffee plants and cloves. Since this is an area of ​​cloves and coffee plantations, the fresh air is fresh. The hike up the stairs to the site will soon be paid for by the beauty of the Juwuk Manis Jembrana waterfall.