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Function of Ginpole Tower - Ginpull

What is ginpole?GINPOLE (Ginpull) is a three-legged bar used to lift weights. Gin Pole can also be interpreted as "Tiangmas", which is installed at the top of a pulley and combined with a wire loop and a Winchi machine to pull the load / steel material on the tower. In addition to tower structures, Ginpole is also used to lift loads on tall structures which cannot be reached by cranes, e.g. B. Place antennas on the towers and raise other tower segments during construction.Compared to cranes, the use of gin sticks is more practical and effective, especially in places inaccessible to cranes, e.g. B. in rice fields, mountains and other difficult areas. Ginpole installationIn the initial phase, the lower end of the ginpole is placed in a flat hole or tied tightly so that it does not move, and positioned so that the upper end is above the object to be lifted. Then it is secured again with a distance of three or more mines so as not to collapse.The mine is also used to laterally mo…