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Video How to Welding Argon Stainless Pipe and Underwater Welding Dangers

These two videos can be a source of inspiration for installers, welders and other construction workers.
Some time ago, the CNzahid YouTube channel posted two videos with topics related to the working world of Fitter and Welder which were very popular, namely:

1. "771 million salary - here are 7 interesting facts about underwater welding that few people know about."

2. "(New) shaking Las Argon accompanied by a slow motion"
Both videos received responses
It's great when we post on the Facebook fan page.
If you would like to know what the video looks like, please see below.

Dangers and risks of welding underwater Underwater welding requires extensive training and special skills. A dangerous career, employment offers the most attractive salary. Despite the dangers, many are taking advantage of this lucrative career opportunity. They work in the fields of construction, surveying and repair. They often work in oil rigs and offshore oil lines. Underwater welders are …