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The Function of a Pressure Regulating Valve, and How It Works

In the world of construction, especially related to piping and mechanical work, we know a tool called PRV.

What is PRV?PRV is a continuation of the pressure control valve, which is a tool (valve) that controls a gas or liquid pressure system from a high pressure source system to generate more pressure low depending on the requirements of a system.

PRV function
High pressure system sources such as compressors, pumps, tanks and other high pressure systems that are distributed to a particular system are first reduced to meet the specifications of the requirements of the system or also for safety and security requirements. This is the main function of installing the pressure control valve (PRV).

An example of using PRV is the water cycle system in tall buildings. A clean water installation system in tall buildings is strongly affected by the gravity of the earth, which leads to an increase in water pressure. The higher the building, the higher the water pressure on the ground floor, and this…