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About Electrodes and Types of SMAW Welding Wires

Fitter mate must know the name of the electrode because this thing is a basic requirement of fitter work. But maybe my friend fitter did not have the time or did not care about 'what exactly is the electrode? The following explanation hopefully can add to our insight as a fitter. Electrodes that we usually call 'welding wires' are objects used to conduct electrical welding. Flame arises when the tip of the welding wire as a burner is tangent to the welding metal.

In general, Electrodes can be divided into 2 groups:

1. Webbed / coated electrodes

2. Plain electrodes

Webbed Electrodes
What is meant by a webbed electrode is a core material of wire coated (flux) of certain chemicals adapted to the type of welding?

The SMAW welding wires that we use every day are included as webbed electrodes. These electrodes consist of two parts with different functions, namely:

1. Electrode Core Parts, which function:

-As a conductor of electricity.

-As an added ingredient

For materials, the e…
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Butterfly Valve - Type, and explanation

We have discussed several types of valves before, namely: Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Ball Valve, and Check Valve, this time we will discuss one type of valve whose name is familiar among project workers, namely Butterfly Valve.

What is Butterfly Valve?

Butterfly Valve is one type of versatile valve because it can be applied to piping systems anywhere, in industry, shipbuilding, platforms, in housing and others.

In addition, Butterfly Valve can be installed in various media installations through it for example by liquids, gases, mud with various levels of pressure and temperature.

At first, the butterfly valve was widely used in installations at low pressure, but with the development of technology, especially in the field of elastomeric science, this type of valve can now be applied in high-pressure installations.

To open and close fully, this type of valve only requires 90deg rotation or a quarter-turn of the lever, so that this type of valve can be operated quickly. However, this valv…


Mild steel is a steel alloy that contains a high proportion of carbon as the main alloying agent. Alloys are simply a mixture of one or more metals and non-metals, which have specific, improved properties compared to the base metal. Mild steel is the type of steel used in most internal and external steel applications in the UK.

Steel mainly consists of iron alloys with 0.2% to 2.1% carbon, which acts as hardening agents. In addition to carbon, there are many metallic elements that are part of steel alloys and have a strong influence on their properties. Elements other than iron and carbon used in steel can be a mixture of all or part of them; Chromium, manganese, tungsten, and vanadium.
In addition to carbon, these elements act as hardeners. By hardeners, we mean that they create dots in the layers of the iron crystal lattice that prevent the layers from sliding on each other. To do this, they attach themselves to the gaps in the crystal structure and block the movement of the netw…

Automotive welding for beginners | What you need to know

Automotive welding for beginners | What you need to know
Rust and cracks in the automatic panel can be easily repaired, but the repair is often overlooked. They consider it expensive or spend a lot of time. However, with the right tools and guidelines, this can be a very simple process. Welding can seem scary, and many professional technicians and DIY enthusiasts avoid it. But this should not be a challenge. Technology has improved and now everyone can learn the basics.

This does not mean that you will learn overnight - good welding takes a lot of practice to be perfect. But you should never avoid or ignore this.

If you have to weld Welding is particularly useful for large body and structural work. As a car owner, you may have encountered some of these issues: broken panels, rust stains, or damage to body tires. You may have found a broken chassis, a broken muffler, or a rusty oil pan. This repair can easily be done with a MIG welder and little knowledge.

You save time and money by fix…

Let's Do It Weld Around The Car

Car repairs don't have to be like a goiter. It costs a lot of money and then you have nothing in your hands. It is therefore better to do it yourself: for example welding. Thilo Mischke dared to do it

Our car is like our body. One day we feel that something is different than it should be. Feels different, may appear different. Most of the time we do first: nothing. The knee hurts. No problem, the body is still spinning. It vibrates silently. No problem, the car is still driving.
We fear the consequences, the harshness of the diagnosis and the worst case. So we put things to the test. Only active when it's really bad, when it's almost too late. We can also solve our own problems. We often don't dare.

I know that. If it vibrates in the car, I wait for the next TÜV meeting. The examiner then shook his head, released me and said there was a lot to fix. "If I've ever done anything," I think when I'm driving a messy car - actually a piece of jewelry, an Audi …

Various Different Welding Technique

Those who see and fuck a lot cannot avoid welding from time to time. Most do-it-yourselfers were involved in welding at least once. But welding is not just welding. What types of welding are there, which are suitable and when is welding carried out?

What exactly is welding? Welding describes a production process in which different parts are bonded as inseparably as possible when exposed to heat. Traditionally, metals are connected to one another by so-called flame welding. Here, the workpiece is heated in a forge fire by putting air aside until it melts, and then connected with a strong punch under the forging hammer. However, this type of welding is mainly found on the craft market today, now there are more modern welding methods.

What should beginners pay attention to? As a beginner in the field of welding, you don't have to start with luck, you first have to manage the various welding processes and, above all, take the necessary safety precautions. Sparks are the rule rat…

Function of Ginpole Tower - Ginpull

What is ginpole?GINPOLE (Ginpull) is a three-legged bar used to lift weights. Gin Pole can also be interpreted as "Tiangmas", which is installed at the top of a pulley and combined with a wire loop and a Winchi machine to pull the load / steel material on the tower. In addition to tower structures, Ginpole is also used to lift loads on tall structures which cannot be reached by cranes, e.g. B. Place antennas on the towers and raise other tower segments during construction.Compared to cranes, the use of gin sticks is more practical and effective, especially in places inaccessible to cranes, e.g. B. in rice fields, mountains and other difficult areas. Ginpole installationIn the initial phase, the lower end of the ginpole is placed in a flat hole or tied tightly so that it does not move, and positioned so that the upper end is above the object to be lifted. Then it is secured again with a distance of three or more mines so as not to collapse.The mine is also used to laterally mo…